Stratis 2.2.0 Release Notes


mulhern, Stratis Team

Stratis 2.2.0 now places Stratis filesystem symlinks in /dev/stratis, rather than /stratis. Stratis creates and maintains the symlinks by means of udev rules, rather than directly via stratisd as previously. The /stratis directory is neither created nor used by stratisd 2.2.0.

This release places management of the terminal setting for interactive encryption-key entry in stratisd rather than in stratis-cli.

This release also includes enhancements to the stratisd D-Bus interface, various bug fixes, and a change in the stratisd CLI specification for log levels.

stratisd 2.2.0

This release creates and maintains Stratis filesystem symlinks in /dev/stratis by means of udev rules. It includes a small Rust script, stratis_uuids_to_names which is invoked by the Stratis udev rule which sets the Stratis filesystem symlinks.

In the case where stratisd is updated in place, some filesystem symlinks may remain in /stratis. This release includes a shell script, which may be used to clean up the /stratis directory and ensure that the correct symlinks exist in /dev/stratis. The script removes the /stratis directory once it has completed without error. The shell script relies on a small Rust script, stratis_dbusquery_version which is included with this version of stratisd.

This release also extends the D-Bus interface in a few ways:

Please consult the D-Bus API Reference for the precise D-Bus specification.

This release allows the user to specify their preferred log level more directly and succinctly with the --log-level CLI option.

This release includes management of terminal settings for interactive encryption-key entry.

This release includes some unsupported scripts which may be built from the source distribution but are not intended to be released as part of any package. These scripts depend on the extras feature in Cargo.toml.

This release also includes a number of minor bug fixes.

stratis-cli 2.2.0

This release requires stratisd 2.2.0. Some commands have been updated to make use of the new stratisd D-Bus interfaces.

This release drops management of terminal settings for interactive encryption-key entry; management of terminal settings is now handled in stratisd 2.2.0.

We would like to thank our external contributors carzacc and poizen18 for their work on bash tab-completion.

Please consult the changelogs for additional information about the release.