stratisd 3.6.7 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

stratisd 3.6.7 contains two bug fixes. The first bug fix prevents a file descriptor from being closed too soon after opening so that the user is prevented from specifying a passphrase via the --capture-key option of the stratis-min pool start command. This bug was introduced in stratisd 3.6.6. The second corrects an error in the stratis-fstab-setup script where the pool UUID was not properly supplied to the stratis-min pool is-encrypted command.

stratisd 3.6.6 includes a number of changes. It now defines two workspaces, one for itself and one for stratisd_proc_macros, mostly to simplify packaging downstream. It increases the lower bounds of many of its dependencies; its bindgen dependency lower bound is now increased to 0.69.0. It includes a restriction on the size of any String value in the Stratis pool-level metadata. It ensures that the UserInfo values on devices conform to the same restrictions as filesystem names and pool names. It fixes a bug in lock file handling where it would be possible for the lock file to contain some extra digits at the end of the running stratisd process's id.

Both releases contain many minor fixes and improvements.

Please consult the stratisd changelog for additional information about the release.