stratisd 3.6.4 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

This post includes release notes for the prior patch releases in this minor release.

stratisd 3.6.4 includes a fix for stratisd-min handling of the start command sent by stratis-min to unencrypted pools. It also captures and logs errors messages emitted by the thin_check or mkfs.xfs executables.

stratisd 3.6.3 explicitly sets the nrext64 option to 0 when invoking mkfs.xfs. A recent version of XFS changed the default for nrext64 to 1. Explicitly setting the value to 0 prevents stratisd from creating XFS filesystems that are unmountable on earlier kernels.

stratisd 3.6.2 includes a fix in the way thin devices are allocated in order to avoid misalignment of distinct sections of the thin data device. Such misalignments may result in a performance degradation.

stratisd 3.6.1 includes a fix to correct a problem where stratisd would fail to unlock a pool if the pool was encrypted using both Clevis and the kernel keyring methods but the key in the kernel keyring was unavailable.

All releases include a number of housekeeping and maintenance updates.

Please consult the stratisd changelog for additional information about the release.