stratisd 1.0.6 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

This release includes one significant bug fix and a substantial refactoring.

The bug was caused by an inconsistency in the metadata handling which led to a failure to properly update the Stratis metadata if stratisd was restarted in an environment where the system clock indicated a time earlier than when it had previously been running. See stratisd issue 1509 for further details.

This release also includes significant refactoring of the stratisd metadata handling for clarity and modularity and to use types to enforce distinctions among the sizes of different metadata regions (stratisd issue 1573).

Additional changes include demoting a log message to a level appropriate to its significance (stratisd issue 1485) and specifying the stratisd PID file using the path /run/ instead of /var/run/ (stratisd issue 1632).

We would like to thank our external contributors: