stratisd filesystem as root filesystem on Fedora

John Baublitz, Stratis Team

Based on recent questions, we wanted to develop a specific guide for additional steps that need to be taken on Fedora to enable Stratis as the root filesystem for a Fedora install.

If you have not already looked at the guide for root filesystem work, please read that first. It is a prerequisite.

For a little bit of background, stratisd provides an additional subpackage for our dracut modules that we use to set up the root filesystem during early boot. This package installs the necessary modules for dracut to automate the setup. However there are some steps that may not be obvious to users to get this all to work. We'll cover them below.


  1. Install the stratisd-dracut package. This is the subpackage mentioned above.
  2. Optional If using Clevis for unlocking encrypted pools, add the following configuration under /etc/dracut.conf.d/99-stratisd.conf:
add_dracutmodules+=" stratis-clevis "
  1. Test your configuration or ensure you have a rescue kernel and initramfs in case the update of the initramfs renders your install unbootable.
  2. Once you've verified that everything works as expected, run dracut --force --kver=[KERNEL_VERSION]