Stratis 3.6.0 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

Stratis 3.6.0 includes one significant enhancement as well as several smaller improvements.

Most significantly, Stratis 3.6.0 extends its functionality to allow a user to set a limit on the size of a filesystem. The limit can be set when the filesystem is created, or at a later time.

In addition, Stratis 3.6.0 allows the user to stop a pool by specifying the pool to stop either by UUID or by name, and allows better management of partially constructed pools.

A new --only option was added to stratis-dumpmetadata, to allow it to print only the pool-level metadata.

stratis-min, the minimal CLI for Stratis, was extended with bind, unbind, and rebind commands.

The devicemapper dependency lower bound is increased to 0.34.0 which includes an enhancement to check for the presence of the udev daemon. stratisd and stratisd-min now exit on startup if the udev daemon is not present.

The libcryptsetup-rs dependency lower bound is increased to 0.9.1 and a direct dependency is introduced on libcryptsetup-rs-sys 0.3.0 to allow registering callbacks with libcryptsetup.

The nix dependency lower bound is increased to 0.26.3, to avoid compilation errors induced by a fix to a lifetime bug in a function in nix's public API.

The serde_derive dependency lower bound is increased to 1.0.185 to avoid vendoring the serde_derive executable included in some prior versions of the package.

stratisd also contains sundry internal improvements, error message enhancements, and so forth.

The stratis-cli command-line interface has been extended with an additional option to set the filesystem size limit on creation and two new filesystem commands, set-size-limit and unset-size-limit, to set or unset the filesystem size limit after a filesystem has been created.

stratis-cli now incorporates password verification when it is used to set a key in the kernel keyring via manual entry.

stratis-cli now allows specifying a pool by name or by UUID when stopping a pool.

stratis-cli also contains sundry internal improvements, and enforces a python requirement of at least 3.9 in its package configuration.

Please consult the stratisd, stratis-cli, devicemapper, and libcryptsetup-rs changelogs for additional information about the release.

We would like to thank brimworks, cpalv, jelly, kianmeng and ErwanGa for contributions to this release.