Stratis 3.4.0 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

Stratis 3.4.0 includes one significant enhancement as well as several smaller improvements.

Most significantly, Stratis 3.4.0 extends its functionality to allow users to specify a pool by its name when starting a stopped pool. Previously it was only possible to identify a stopped pool by its UUID.

In addition, stratisd enforces some checks on the compatibility of the block devices which make up a pool. It now takes into account the logical and physical sector sizes of the individual block devices when creating a pool, adding a cache, or extending the data or cache tier with additional devices.

The stratis pool start command has been modified to accept either a UUID or a name option, while the stratis pool list --stopped command now displays the pool name if it is available.

This release also includes improvements to stratisd's internal locking mechanism.

Please consult the stratisd and stratis-cli changelogs for additional information about the release.