Stratis 3.3.0 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

Stratis 3.3.0 includes one significant enhancement and several smaller enhancements as well as number of stability and efficiency improvements.

Most significantly, Stratis 3.3.0 extends its functionality to allow users to instruct stratisd to include additional space that may have become available on a component data device in the space that is available to the device's pool. The most typical use case for this is when a RAID device which presents as a single device to stratisd is expanded.

stratis supports these changes with a new command stratis pool extend-data that allows the user to specify that the pool should make use of additional space on its devices. The stratis pool list command has been extended to show an alert if a pool's device has changed in size. The stratis blockdev list command will display two device sizes if the size that stratisd has on record differs from a device's detected size.

A less user-visible change is an improvement to the way that stratisd allocates space for its thin pool metadata and data devices from the backing store. The new approach is less precise but always more conservative when allocating space for the thin pool metadata device and will consistently reduce possible fragmentation of the thin pool metadata device over the backing store.

Checks for Clevis executables occur whenever a Clevis executable that is depended on by stratisd needs to be invoked to complete a user's command. Previously, the check occurred only once, when stratisd was started. We believe that this change will be more convenient for users who may install needed Clevis executables after stratisd has already been started.

Please consult the stratisd and stratis-cli changelogs for additional information about the release.

We would like to thank Ryan Gonzalez for reporting issue #3086.