Stratis 2.4.1 Release Notes

mulhern, Stratis Team

Stratis 2.4.1 is a bug fix release, which addresses a flaw in the multi-threading implementation.

A user could observe the behavior caused by the flaw when CLI commands would either take far longer to complete than normal or the D-Bus connection would eventually time out.

The cause of the observed problem was that stratisd was accepting a GetManagedObjects call on the D-Bus but not returning the result. This could occur when numerous object paths, i.e., several hundred, were being supported on the D-Bus, generally due to the creation of many filesystems.

We have addressed this problem by:

In addition, we have refined the method by which individual threads are terminated when stratisd receives a shutdown signal to better terminate the D-Bus message handling thread.

The stratisd 2.4.1 release includes one additional fix: the signals associated with r4 D-Bus interfaces were not being sent appropriately, now they are.

In addition, stratisd 2.4.1 includes logging, at the trace level, of lock aquisitions and releases and additional logging in the systemd generators included with the release.

The stratis-cli 2.4.1 release includes:

Previously, stratisd made use of the dbus-tokio crate to implement the multi-threading aspects of D-Bus method handling. With this release, it no longer depends on dbus-tokio, but handles the implementation using the tokio crate directly.

Please consult the stratisd and stratis changelogs for additional information about the 2.4.0 release.