stratisd 3.0.0 Release Announcement

mulhern, Stratis Team

The next version of stratisd will be 3.0.0.

We have already decided on two breaking changes for this release:

The motivation for both these changes is the most typical of all: the implementation of stratisd will become unwieldly and bug-ridden if we try to maintain backwards compatibility in the D-Bus layer while simultaneously doing necessary redesign, re-implementation, and enhancement of the stratisd engine. In particular, changes to the way errors are managed internally will not allow us to ensure consistency of error codes returned over the D-Bus with the ones that were previously used.

Since we are increasing the major version, dropping the stratisd 2 D-Bus API is an obvious next step.

We are reviewing other possible API changes at this time in order to minimize the number of subsequent major version increases that we will be obliged to do.