stratisd 2.0.1 Release Notes

February 10, 2020

stratisd 2.0.1 contains a number of internal improvements as well as enhanced logging.

A code defect which made it possible to leave the thinpool suspended on an error was fixed (stratisd issue 1730).

The device discovery implementation was improved; computational complexity was reduced and additional logging on unusual events was added.

The D-Bus layer was restructured to more cleanly suppport multiple versioned D-Bus interfaces.

All macros were rewritten to use fully qualified names to improve code stability.

stratis-cli 2.0.1 Release Notes

Sunday January 21, 2020

stratis-cli 2.0.1 contains a number of internal improvements as well as some improvements to certain error messages.

We expect that most current users will notice very little if any change; we hope that new users will benefit from error messages that they can more directly relate to the commands that they have typed. In order to achieve this, the internal exception hierarchy was refined, and some new exception classes were added.

The man pages have been updated to include a precise specification of every field displayed by any of the list subcommands.

Contributors to the source will observe that our CI now requires 100% code coverage.

Cryptsetup Rust bindings release

Monday January 13, 2020

One major focus in the Stratis project recently has been adding an encryption layer for data in Stratis pools. Cryptsetup provides a library backend for programmatically setting up device encryption, so we decided to write Rust bindings to access the existing Cryptsetup functionality in Rust.

While designing the bindings, we took every opportunity to make use of Rust's type system, leveraging features like reference lifetimes and type parameters to ensure that as much of our public API as possible can be validated by the compiler.

Though these bindings were designed with Stratis in mind, it is intended to be general-purpose and so we encourage others to try it out. The license is MPLv2, but it becomes effectively GPL when linked with libcryptsetup. As a result, any project using our bindings will also need to be GPL or GPL-compatible.

If you're interested in seeing more, you can find the repository here.

Stratis 2.0.0 Release Notes

Wednesday November 6, 2019

Stratis 2.0 is a significant update for both the daemon and the CLI. The changes to the daemon are covered first, followed by the changes to the CLI.

stratisd 2.0.0

This release makes the D-Bus API more robust, reliable, predictable, and extensible. There are several significant changes:

  • The set of D-Bus properties has been reduced to a core set of fundamental and stable properties. Other filesystem, pool, or block devices properties are now obtainable via methods in the FetchProperties interface. This change increases the robustness of the D-Bus interface to failures occurring in any particular pool, filesystem, or block device, and decreases the computational cost of most operations requested by the Stratis CLI. Several properties, formerly returned as D-Bus properties, are now unavailable by means of the D-Bus. In every case, the reason for removing the property was that it did not represent a well-defined value. See project issue 52 for further details.

  • All D-Bus method calls are idempotent. This should make writing scripts using the D-Bus API much simpler and make reasoning about the behavior of the engine more straightforward. Henceforth, we will treat as a bug any non-idempotent behavior in the D-Bus API. See project issue 51 for further details.

  • All D-Bus size values are now returned in bytes. Again, this should make writing scripts against the D-Bus more straightforward, since it will be unnecessary for the script writer to change their interpretation of the number returned on the D-Bus depending on the value that it represents. See stratisd issue 1243 for further details.

Future enhancements to the D-Bus API will be implemented by means of additional versioned interfaces.

Please consult the D-Bus API Reference for the precise D-Bus specification.

stratis-cli 2.0.0

This release requires stratisd 2.0.0. The user will observe the following significant improvements:

  • The CLI is significantly more robust. Previously, there was a category of error conditions in pools, filesystems, and block devices that would make the CLI virtually unusable; this problem has now been entirely resolved. See project issue 52 for further details.

  • The CLI now reports errors consistently in conditions where a human user would generally expect an error to be reported. Previously, many commands in the CLI were idempotent, to facilitate scripting. Now there is a clear distinction between the CLI behavior and the stratisd D-Bus API behavior: the CLI behavior is designed strictly according to the expectations of a human user, the stratisd D-Bus API is the programmable interface. See project issue 51 for further details.

As always, anyone wishing to implement a program that uses Stratis for storage management is strongly advised to make use of the stratisd D-Bus API rather than the CLI.

stratis-cli 1.1.0 Release Notes

Wednesday October 2, 2019

With this release stratis now recognizes an environment variable, STRATIS_DBUS_TIMEOUT. This environment variable controls the timeout for any individual D-Bus call that stratis makes. You may want to set it to a higher value than the default, which is 120 seconds, if you are running tests or otherwise scripting via stratis, and wish to avoid erroneous errors resulting from slow operations in your testing environment. See stratis-cli issue 252 for further details.

This release also introduces simplified and more complete error-reporting. For stratis, it constitutes an error if any command issued results in a Python stack trace. If you experience any such incident, please report it in a GitHub issue, including the full stack trace, and circumstances that led up to the incident.

stratisd 1.0.6 Release Notes

Wednesday October 2, 2019

This release includes one significant bug fix and a substantial refactoring.

The bug was caused by an inconsistency in the metadata handling which led to a failure to properly update the Stratis metadata if stratisd was restarted in an environment where the system clock indicated a time earlier than when it had previously been running. See stratisd issue 1509 for further details.

This release also includes significant refactoring of the stratisd metadata handling for clarity and modularity and to use types to enforce distinctions among the sizes of different metadata regions (stratisd issue 1573).

Stratis 1.0 Release Notes

Friday September 28, 2018

New Features

Initial Stable Stratis Release

Stratis is a Linux local storage management tool that aims to enable easy use of advanced storage features such as thin provisioning, snapshots, and pool-based management and monitoring.

After two years of development, Stratis 1.0 has stabilized its on-disk metadata format and command-line interface, and is ready for more widespread testing and evaluation by potential users. Stratis is implemented as a daemon – stratisd – as well as a command-line configuration tool called stratis, and works with Linux kernel versions 4.14 and up.

Stratis 0.5 Release Notes

March 8, 2018

This release is suitable for developers and early testers. It should not be used with valuable data, and pools created with this release will not be supported in Stratis 1.0, due to upcoming on-disk format changes.