Easy to use local storage management for Linux.

Latest Status

March 8, 2018: Stratis 0.5 released

This pre-release version includes new features that will be in the final release, including snapshots of filesystems, and support for a caching tier. See release notes for more.

Stratis 0.5 will be available for testing in Fedora 28 beta release.

User Documentation

Will be available for 1.0 release.

Developer Documentation

Design Document

Stratis Software Design

A document outlining the design principles and goals, as well as giving some details about the implementation.

D-Bus API Reference Manual

Stratisd D-Bus API Reference Manual

A document describing the principles of the stratisd D-Bus API layer. The document includes a description of all stratisd D-Bus methods and properties.

Programming Style Guidelines

Stratis Programming Style Guidelines

Ensure our Python and Rust code has a consistent style by specifying some details beyond the universally-accepted per-language styles.